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Roundforest is on a mission to help busy people make shopping decisions with peace of mind. We’re looking for a passionate candidate who gets excited about the opportunity to join our journey and impact 40,000,000 consumers (and counting).


Product Design Lead objective: 

Lead Roundforest’s design team to create world-changing products and experiences for Roundforest customers. Being a hands-on leader who elevates Roundforest’s designers through their craft


At Roundforest, we value creative thinking and therefore often will do things differently. Accordingly, Roundforest's Product Design Lead role may differ in a few ways from similar positions out there: 


Roundforest’s design system is authored by multiple teams and succeeds by providing high quality digital products, tools, support, education to the broader design organization.

The position uniquely involves setting design direction, working with cross-functional teams, partnering with our project teams to deliver an inclusive end to end experience, and execution of new design system opportunities.

Finally, we’re looking for candidates with a ׳hop margin׳ - a secret ingredient we look for in all new hires. In other words, this position requires the candidate to leap into the next phase of their career and to step outside their comfort zone, while maintaining a reasonable learning curve. Let's evolve together!


  • 5+ years of experience with end-to-end product design 
  • Defining the design process and leading others through it
  • Experience in motivating and directing the scope of small to medium teams to transform a product
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work with various stakeholder
  • Excellent visual, interaction and prototyping design skills
  • Systems-thinker with the ability to think beyond the pixels and design for offline experiences
  • Demonstrated ability to help a team navigate ambiguity, set vision and strategy for global products

Bonus qualifications

  • Previous experience in e-commerce

Diverse Perspectives

We know that innovation thrives on teams where diverse points of view come together to solve hard problems. As such, we explicitly seek people who bring diverse life experiences, diverse educational backgrounds, diverse cultures, and diverse work experiences. Please be prepared to share with us how your perspective will bring something unique and valuable to our team.

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Amit Drenger

Amit Drenger

Product Lead
"Every job is a reflection of the person behind it. Operate with kindness and excellence."