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Ramat Gan


Attention senior acquisition leaders!

If you love Performance Marketing. If you dream about CAC. If even your love life is measured by ROI 

Here’s a challenge for you:

A 40M monthly user base. A multi Million Dollar monthly budget generating an annual purchase volume of more than $1.5B for our sellers (and this is US only. And with 2 team members. Imagine where you could be in a few months, after you hire your dream team).

We’re looking for an exceptional User Acquisition leader to rebuild and drive our performance strategy. You will hire and manage a team of Acquisition Specialists and Marketing Analysts, design and build our entire user acquisition strategy and be the owner of Performance Marketing in our company. 

We’re a small company (50 people) with a massive scale. We are a bootstrap (no investors dependency, profitable as of day one) with a proven and successful business model. Performance Marketing is in the heart of what we do, and the main engine of our success.  


Looking for someone who has experience managing performance, humans and big budgets.

We decided to keep it this short and simple because you will be the one to poor in the essence <3

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Liat Ben-Rafael

Liat Ben-Rafael

VP of Marketing
"Roundforest has 50M visitors a month, and is still only scratching its market potential. This means there is a lot of room for marketing innovation. If you're looking for a place where you can dream, speak up, and take risks, then this may be the perfect match."